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Moringa Roots Powder 1/2 lb – Moringa Roots Powder 100% Pure Gluten Free

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100% Moringa Roots Powder


To Promote regular good health: 1/2 Teaspoon Moringa Roots Powder Daily (1/2 Teaspoon = approx. 1,500 MG)
To Cleanse, heal or combat illness: 1 Teaspoon Moringa Roots Powder Daily

* Moringa Roots Powder is best used in a thick liquid. Smoothie, Yogurt, Apple Sauce.
* Do not boil as you will lose nutrients but you may mix into hot liquid drinks or use to season foods.

Moringa Root Information

Moringa root was used by early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for its therapeutic properties and used it to protect their skin, to make perfume or scented oils, and to purify water for drinking. It has higher nutrient quantities then seeds and leaves, but it the bark also contains some alkaloids and phytochemical compounds that are powerful toxins. It is best to use Moringa roots as a medicine more than as a food.

Our roots powder is 100% free of bark and contains only the dried and ground root.

(Moringa Roots Bark Caution)
Moringa root bark has been clinically demonstrated to be an effective treatment for post-menopausal ovarian cancer, but should not be used by women of childbearing age.
If you have fresh root and decide to use roots as a food, remove the bark from the roots, because it is toxic.

The harvested roots from Moringa Oleifera serve many other purposes than cooking. Those roots are used to create medicines, perfumes, natural pest repellants, fertilizers, animal food, cleaning agents and for water purification.

Moringa Oleifera Roots are known for their antibiotic properties and based on that, they are used to treat variety of conditions and illnesses like Asthma, Circulatory / Endocrine Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Gastritis, Inflammation, Rheumatism, Nervous Disorders, Reproductive Health, Skin Disorders.

Some medical studies have been able to prove that some compounds in Moringa Oleifera roots can be successfully used in ovarian cancer treatment, as well as some hormonal properties to help with blood glucose level and Thyroid problems.

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