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Bald Head Scalp Care with Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil is perfect for Bald Heads, Scalp and Skin!

Maintaining a great looking bald head and caring for a shaved head takes work and dedication. Preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs and keeping the sun from wreaking havoc on your scalp are essential. Bald or shaved heads require specific care and treatment in order to keep the skin on the scalp in tip-top condition. Maintaining a regular scalp care regime will enable you to reduce potential problems like dry skin.

The bare skin on the head requires just as much attention as hair. A hairless head is exposed to the sun, air, pollutants, chemicals, chlorine and allergens and can therefore develop scalp problems. Acne, rashes and problems like ingrown hair can also create hygiene and health issues. Treating the skin on the scalp in the same way as the skin on the body means that you reduce the likelihood of dealing with issues like sunburn, flaky skin and infections. Regular washing and moisturizing of the scalp will reduce problems caused by perspiration, dryness and clogs that may encourage acne and pimple inflammation.

Many men choose to remove their hair as a fashion statement. This requires daily shaving of the scalp and this regular action can encourage scalp dryness if particular attention is not given to the care of the scalp before and after shaving. Shaving too often can dry out and irritate the skin on the scalp so adequate moisturisation is recommended to help overcome this problem. It is also important to shave when the pores are open so after a hot shower is the ideal time.

Caring for a head that is regularly shaved is a simple routine. After shaving the head the scalp should be washed with gentle shampoo. After patting dry, Moringa Oil can be applied all over the scalp. For men with a defined sense of style Moringa Oil provides a healthy glowing finish on the scalp.

  1. Massage.  Massaging the scalp promotes circulation and healthy flow of blood.  Additionally, a scalp massage, especially on a bald head, is relaxing and rejuvenating.  If you have a willing partner, trade out massages or you can perform a scalp massage on yourself.  Some professional massage therapists will also offer this service as well.
  2. Moisturize. Daily shaving and exposure to the sun and cold can leave your scalp dry and flaky. Always use a good moisturizer like Moringa Oil on your scalp every morning.  Moisturizing is the one step most men forget after shaving, but it is an important step in keeping your scalp looking young and healthy.
  3. Shampoo. What? Shampoo a bald head? Absolutely! A good shampoo is just as much for the scalp as it is for the hair. Shampooing, even a bald head, can remove trapped dirt and oils and promote a healthier scalp. The massaging action of performing the shampoo increases circulation and blood flow to the scalp, so a good shampoo is still important. Shampoo your bald head before shaving to make the shaving experience easier.
  4. Protect. The scalp is even more susceptible to damage from the sun than other parts of the body. Always use a good sunscreen on your scalp before prolonged sun exposure. After sun exposure use Moringa Oil to rejuvenate and moisturize your scalp.

These are but a few tips for keeping your bald head in great shape.