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About Us

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Moringa Direct has been selling Moringa for over 10 years to customers in the United States, Caribbean and Canada.
We are a small business who strives to provide our customers with great quality products, great prices and great customer service.

Our Moringa is sourced from W. Africa and/or Ecuador with no fillers or by-products.

Our product is:
– 100% Eco-Friendly
– 100% Gluten Free
– 100% Pure and Natural
– 100% Organic
– Certified Vegan

We carry a diverse product line
Moringa Oleifera in its raw form is available for consumption as:
Raw Powder
– Capsules (powder in vegan capsules)
Tea (actually a Tisane, 100% caffeine free)

For more information and nutritional benefits of Moringa please see:
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